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This group has been active for a long time and has already made some remarkable assertions which render life simpler from the practical point of view. For example, I move a pot of green color five centimeters to the right, I push in the thumbtack beside the comb and if Mr. A (another adherent like me) at this moment puts his volume about bee-keeping beside a pattern for cutting out vests, I am sure to meet on the sidewalk of the avenida Madero a woman who intrigues me and whose origin and address I never could have known...
--Remedios Varo

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By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
--Franz Kafka

Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Alice in Wonderland

Because we should all take as many trips down the rabbit hole as possible...

Maggie Taylor's photography (and her website) has that mysterious, impossible feel to it that lends itself well to Alice in Wonderland. The book "Maggie Taylor's Landscape of Dreams" is also oddly fascinating.

you can see more of her work here:
and here:

Another excellent interpreter of Alice in Wonderland, but in an entirely different vein, and in black and white, is Abelardo Morell.

He also uses a technique called camera obscura, which is when a room is closed off except for a pinprick of light from the outside, and a large format camera is left with an open shutter for a long period of time. The effect is, to me, like a visualization of the modern theories in physics which suggest that many realities are occurring in the same space, that parallel universes overlap. It just takes a very intense sort of visual ability to perceive them...

That they are set in bedrooms adds a dream-like quality: if you were lying down in the bed, maybe with your eyes closed, this is what you would see...

And then, I love his photos of the Romeo and Juliet set at the Met:

You can see more of his work here:

And then, if you need more help getting past Newtonian Physics, Economic Laws, and other Useless Rules, I recommend Haruki Murakami's "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World."

You can get an impression of him here:

Also, not to make this endless, but one must have the proper chess set for this sort of event, and it has been made my Gil Bruvel:

It is the mechanical world versus the natural, organic world, and the artist makes it quite difficult to decide.

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  1. Your first post, if I'm not wrong, without any comment from a friend :).
    So this is how you started this blog "On Alice in wonderland".
    I agree we should take all the trips down the rabbit hole as posible, and you, with your posts, creativity and curiosity, help us to find the way down some of these holes.

    Thanks Zoe.