member of:Observers of the Interdependence of Domestic Objects and Their Influence on Everyday Life

This group has been active for a long time and has already made some remarkable assertions which render life simpler from the practical point of view. For example, I move a pot of green color five centimeters to the right, I push in the thumbtack beside the comb and if Mr. A (another adherent like me) at this moment puts his volume about bee-keeping beside a pattern for cutting out vests, I am sure to meet on the sidewalk of the avenida Madero a woman who intrigues me and whose origin and address I never could have known...
--Remedios Varo

(Slideshow is of Artwork by Remedios Varo)
By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
--Franz Kafka

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brief Update

Earlier this month, I blogged here about the current show of David Hochbaum's art at the Corey Helford Gallery, entitled, "You are not Falling, You are Flying." Some more of his paintings for that show have been photographed since then, and I wanted to share two of them here:

I am particularly fond of the second one, which really gives the feeling of not knowing which way is up--and that being a good thing, for the moment. It's nice to feel vindicated, occasionally.

The show is still going...


  1. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. The Lightness of Being;) Thanks 4 sharing Zoe, I like the works!

  3. Wow...they are wonderful. TFS. and yeah, i can finally leave a comment by using different browser

  4. Thanks, Zoe. These are wonderful. Sometimes, when things are upside down, life is going really good!

  5. thanks, eric and heidi, glad you enjoyed..
    zara--yes, lightness of being--that's a good way to put it :)
    kittie, agreed: upside down can even be best..

    thank you, david, for stopping by! i'm glad you're pleased--your artwork is fantastic!