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This group has been active for a long time and has already made some remarkable assertions which render life simpler from the practical point of view. For example, I move a pot of green color five centimeters to the right, I push in the thumbtack beside the comb and if Mr. A (another adherent like me) at this moment puts his volume about bee-keeping beside a pattern for cutting out vests, I am sure to meet on the sidewalk of the avenida Madero a woman who intrigues me and whose origin and address I never could have known...
--Remedios Varo

(Slideshow is of Artwork by Remedios Varo)
By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
--Franz Kafka

Monday, July 20, 2009

Inaudible Chamber Music

Jean Coulon was born in Brussels in 1947. He specializes in wood engravings and copper engravings (burin, drypoint, roulette and all acid-free processes).


He has not only studied engraving, but also music, and he travels on occasion with a musical theater.
Here's a flier for a show where he apparently plays the inaudible electric tuba:
(Tuba Libre, formation du collectif bruxellois "Inaudible", comprend Marco Loprieno (cuivres) et Jean Coulon (tuba électronique).)

He also expresses that love in his drawings and engravings, often depicting the soul of a large and packed--cluttered--city breathing its soul through a wind instrument:

"Sax Noire"

Here is what appears to be a colonized fish (but still our friend!):

And another favorite theme for him, parades for which new vehicles are necessary:

I found this artist via BibliOdyssey. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Wonderful.

    The fish vehicles are the most joy-inducing things I've seen in, what, months!

  2. chief screamer: i love to induce joy, i hope that can be considered a socially-acceptable calling, in fact. but confess, it's the gas mask that caught your attention. :D

  3. I like Sax Noire:) Very cool discovery, thanks Zoe, Joy Inducer:)